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Venture capital investments and private investments with "Goodtime" company


Venture capital investments and private investments is the widest area of economics and finance. Companies which can earn profit to investors need investments. The main task of the specialists of "Goodtime" company is a competent analysis and selection of such organizations that guarantee benefits. These organizations are the fastest growing companies with proprietary formats, which conduct their business in the field of energy supply, telecommunications services and production activity with open access to the markets of Europe, the USA and the countries of former Soviet Union. Companies from other fields of activities also may be financed, after profound analysis and revealing of positive dynamics.

Analytical selection of applicants for the investment of our company

Direct investment

Primarily we must select the applicants who conduct business within the legal framework of the Russian Federation and on fully transparent schemes. After that we should find out the degree of company profitability, and in the case of wasteful production our experts monitors the activities of this company with the opportunity of investment, taking into account the expected profit for the period of 12 months from the date of the first investment. We also need to pay attention to the internal management system and its capabilities: the availability of experts, opportunities for their recruiting. Another important aspect is the dynamic development of the company and its strategy of increasing its own value. The last factor is a guarantee of the profitability of the investment.

Conditions for venture capital investments and private investments:

  • Investments period duration from 3 to 5 years.
  • Clearly specified conditions and terms of the investor’s withdrawal from the project.
  • Indicator on the planned CAGR on Sales & EBITDA not less than 20%.
  • Target IRR of the project for the investor should be above 29%, regardless of the field of business.
  • Possibility of controlling interest or the fourth part. There is a possibility of the conditions for equal fractional ownership of shares of the company.

We can offer more profitable financing of the companies which are in the stage of stable growth, but we can not exclude cooperation with the organizations, which are in earlier and later stages of development.

Factors of increasing the value of the companies under the investment program

  1. Possibility of conducting transaction on the partnership with companies with significant resources, reputation and experience.
  2. Reinforcement the company's image.
  3. Assistance in the organization of interaction with various subjects: investments and financial institutions.
  4. Increase of investments for more efficient business development.
  5. Strategic aims to increase positions.
  6. Improving operational efficiency and corporate governance standards.

Specialists of "Goodtime" company know how to work in the field of direct investment, because we have unique experience at field of working with leading investment funds and companies. And the implementation of major projects in the field of venture capital investments and direct equity is always successful in each specific case. In addition, we have experience in the areas of corporate finance and project management on a variety of conditions.