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Securities trust management2


The services of the securities trust management is the assignment of rights of the asset management to a legal entity by the founder or owner of any securities and shares, referred to as beneficiary in the legislative format. Transfer of management rights is performed on the basis of approved contracts. There are two types of such contracts in this field:

  1. The contract of trust management of securities;
  2. The contract of trust management of shares.

Each of these agreements contains the following information:

  1. The participants of the transaction, including banking details of the beneficiary and the hired manager.
  2. Specifying the periodicity of payments and the salary of the manager.
  3. Rights and obligations of the parties concluding a contract.

"Goodtime" company is the subject, providing such services under the contract of trust management of beneficiary’s securities, on mutually beneficial terms.

Object to management of securities and shares in the format of this service:

Trust management of securities
  • Shareholder community, including those which are the property of the municipality or government agencies at the moment of conclusion of the contract.
  • Bonds of commercial entities which are the property of the municipality or government agencies at the moment of conclusion of the securities trust manaement contract.
  • Bonds of state and municipality structures.

It should be noted that the government bonds with the restrictions on the transfer in trust management, as well as checks and bank savings book, drafts and notes, documents of title to goods and warehouse documentation, deposit certificates of credit enterprises can not be the objects of trust management of securities and any other financial assets.

The benefits of delegating securities management to the experts of our company:

  • Highly professional approach to trust management of securities and shares. Proper use of various financial instruments in the investment processes allows our specialists to get the maximum benefit from the ongoing transactions. Selection of individual strategies performed by our managers allows us to earn the maximum benefit from the investment.
  • Flexibility of terms of cooperation in the field of trust management. Output and input of any amount of assets under the cooperation of our company is available at any time and without restrictions.
  • Trust management of shares and securities is fully transparent and can easily undergo control, analysis and statistics. In addition, there is a system of informing the customers of the ongoing operations in a written form, as well as of their results and the current status of the assets.
  • Saving time. First of all, you save your time, because you don’t have to make transactions by yourself, to conduct analysis and search for financial instruments and asset management. If you were engaged in investing yourself, you would have to spend much time for studying.

"Goodtime" company – the client trust us, because we are the best. We work in the legal framework of the Russian Federation use only safe schemes for interactions with the investment, stock and financial markets, stock exchanges and other trading platforms in Russia, Europe and the US.

It is "Good time" to invest assets on favorable terms!