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Securities trust management


For a newcomer independent securities trust management carries a high risk, because transactions with them require deep knowledge of the internal mechanisms of the stock market and wide experience in conducting transactions. In order to save your time and to avoid losses, investors are increasingly turning to professional trust management of securities.

The advantages of trust management are:

  • Economy of time.
  • Professional portfolio management of bonds and other securities.
  • Efficient use of capital, which significantly increases profits.
  • Regular income.
Trust management

Investment Company "Goodtime" is a responsible partner that offers to its customers reliable, profitable and affordable way to invest. Signing the contract with our company, an investor receives:

  • Highly qualified personal trader.
  • Effective management of capital with the development of long-term strategy.
  • Transparency of transactions through the reporting.

Our company is actively working with 1-, 2- and 3-tier securities, issued by enterprises, which have good records and are promising in their business.

"Goodtime" offers the following trust managementservices:

  • Long-term and short-term management of the investor’s capital.
  • Trust management of the client’s investment assets.

"Goodtime" company offers a wide range of services in the developing of effective structured products with optimal ration of risk and profit most favorable to the client. The investor can set all the parameters of the portfolio of bonds, shares and other securities, independently determining the balance, and then make it available to a professional custodian.