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Money trust management


When the owner of money wants to profit from the investment, he has two ways: a deposit in a bank or money trust management by transferring the right of command of finances to a legal entity, which is a professional market participants. The format of such right transfer is regulated by a standard contract, which shall include banking details of the parties, the terms of cooperation and the amount of the manager fee. Actual profit from funds under trust management is higher than the interest of the bank deposit, which is more beneficial in terms of investment.

"Goodtime" company is a professional player in the financial markets and provides trust management services both for personal investors and investment institutions.

Ratings and achievements of our company:

  • Rating of the National Rating Agency.
  • The high rating of the Russian Institute of Directors.
  • Ratings of Moody's agency.

Our experts are the people who have spent the years on the international stock market, so our company is entrusted by the clients. We are ready to provide money trust management services, including the advisory range of cooperation within the international legal framework and regulations of financial institutions of Europe, America and Russia.

Terms and rules of concluding a contract for trust management of financial assets

The founder and the manager sign a contract, which consists of the following items:

  1. Banking details.
  2. Responsibilities of the parties.
  3. Economical part.
  4. Risks and profit forecasts.
Money trust management

The contract becomes legal after the founder transfers the funds to the manager. These actions are executed in duplicate on the basis of the legal framework of the Russian Federation. The contract for the trust management is based on the financial instrument of the profit percentage distribution, so the efficiency of manager’s work in getting the maximum return on investments is the guarantee of his salary and completely determines its amount. We have been working in this format for a long time, so our managers are professionals who know how to profit from the transactions.

Legal base

  1. The license for the business of money trust management of issued by the FFMS of Russia.
  2. All activities relating with money are determined by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Securities law.

The above information is the guarantee of legality of any transactions that, in fact, guarantees income for the founder. In addition, a major support in earning profit is the professionalism and experience of our specialists.

Profit channels in our company

Basically, in order to gain a guaranteed profit at the disposal of the founder’s money, we use the financial transactions for the application and resale of securities, stocks, currencies and precious metals. In addition, we invest in successful projects and deal with the reinvestment of profits.

Types of a strategic approach to investment processes:

  1. Balanced. Allows you to receive guaranteed short-term profits.
  2. Profitable. Works in the format of trade and market operations.
  3. Conservative. Uses investment strategies.

The main differences between depository and trust investments:

  1. Motivational aspects. There are some companies on the market which profit is directly proportional to the size of the investment. This guarantees income in a conservative format.
  2. 2In contrast to the deposit format, the trust investment principle allows to change the investment strategy completely without cash withdrawal and account closing.
  3. Prompt response of the control structure to the deformation of market conditions.
  4. Transparency of transactions and information support.

The trust in our company is fully justified by the following aspects:

  • Client’s time saving.
  • Absence of financial restrictions.
  • Wide range of proven and efficient strategies.
  • Individual approach to each customer.
  • Experience, professionalism and reliability of our staff.

We appreciate your values, so trust management is our direct specialization; we perform this work with maximum benefit and efficiency!