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Investment Company "Goodtime" JSC – invest in the future!


Money must work. We hear this truth quite often lately. But how to make the investments yield the most revenue? How to minimize the risk? How to choose a suitable long-play project?

We have solved those questions for you and we are ready to give you a professional brokerage service. Investment Company "Goodtime" intends to work with every client, taking into account all his requests, wishes and needs. There is no difference for us whether you want to invest ten of a million rubles, for a week or a year – we are ready to assist you. Our qualified investor will be pleased to advise you on all issues and will give all the necessary recommendations.

Investment Company "Goodtime" – a mutually beneficial cooperation

We care about your financial well-being. We select a unique payment rate for each client, taking into account all his wishes. It makes our cooperation more comfortable for you. We think about optimizing your time and give you the opportunity, depending on how many hours you are willing to devote to work at the stock market. We will help you to choose a convenient schedule and way of working, based on your individual capabilities and preferences.

What do our clients receive?

  1. Entry into the Russian stock market, including the leading Russian exchange markets.
  2. Entry into the international stock market.
  3. Full and comprehensive advice on all issues.
  4. Possibility to access all trading via the Internet. This will allow making transactions from any location in real time.
Broker service

Every professional trader who ever used our services will certainly tell you that perfect analysts work in our company. Contact us and see for yourself! In preparing our information, we use the basic principles – an independent opinion and objectivity. We cover the whole securities market, and our information is always verified and accurate. We are responsible for every dot in our reports.

In the near future, thanks to the comprehensive consulting support of our clients, you will be able to form your investment portfolio. We create all the numerous reviews in order to simplify your work in making important decisions. We prepare a complete analysis of both the entire market and each industry and even individual companies. But most important thing is that we make a prediction for the future development. This helps us to improve the quality of service for our clients and simplify your work. Portfolio management is the primary task, but not an easy one. If you have difficulties, we are ready to help you.

Investment Company "Goodtime" – we work for the benefit of your future!