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Foreign Exchange Market of the Moscow Stock Exchange - a real opportunity to earn money


"Goodtime" company is an investment company with a staff of highly qualified professionals in the field of investment. Due to a high-speed software system – Quik, which is provided by our company, everyone can get an opportunity to carry out operations in the Foreign Exchange Market of the Moscow Stock Exchange – one of the largest stock exchanges of the Russian Federation.

The currency market is attractive for its high liquidity and capitalization, which means getting more income. We offer a full range of professional services that can increase the efficiency of transactions implemented by the investor.

"Goodtime" company gives its clients the opportunity to:

  • Conduct foreign trade activity.
  • Control exchange risks in order to maximize their minimum.
  • Implement arbitrage.
  • Conduct speculative transactions.
  • Implement portfolio trust management.
  • Operate currency credit.
  • Conduct currency exchange operations.

Advantages of working with "Goodtime" company:

Moscow Exchange
  • Possibility to trade high liquid pairs dollar/ruble (USD/RUB) and the euro/ruble (EUR/RUB) with calculations at once ("today» - TOD) and the next day ("tomorrow" - TOM).
  • Minimum rates.
  • Ability to conduct trading operations at market prices.
  • Conduct transactions with Quik software.
  • Credit leveraging, which is 1:20.

We offer an opportunity to work in deliverable and non-deliverable modes.

Deliverable mode guarantees the funds required for the transaction. It provides real payout of currency to the investor's brokerage account and the possibility of making the conversion operations, along with the banks on equal conditions.

Non-deliverable mode means the implementation of speculative operations, the arbitration and risk hedging. It provides a large degree of freedom in conducting transactions and the possibility of partial delivery at client’s own request. Thus, "Goodtime" company offers investors a service that provides competitive advantages of highly liquid currency market with a choice of convenient mode.

Due to the Foreign Exchange market of the Moscow Stock Exchange, investors can replenish portfolio with highly liquid assets. Speculating on the price changes with the use of 1:20 credit leveraging our customers can receive the maximum profit, and which they can make currency conversion at market exchange rates, and then withdraw the funds from the brokerage account for personal purposes. Our service allows everyone to insure currency risks of his organization and be absolutely sure of the transparency of operations, which necessarily recorded on the Stock Exchange and regulated by the bidding rules.