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Financial consulting


Consultations in the economic field is always needed, and when the problem is solved by the experts, whose knowledge is based on the analysis of the stock and financial markets, global trading platforms and other investment entities, financial consulting becomes particularly top-priority. Investing assets in one or another area of economic activity - this question requires professional approach and informed decisions. The specialists of "Goodtime" company possess all the necessary information and can provide financial advice at professional level.

Why do big investors and traders entrust financial advice to us?

Financial consulting
  1. In order to provide financial consulting services, our company has obtained the proper license of FFMS of Russia. In this regard, all our activities comply with the requirements of this institution.
  2. We obtained accreditation of the highest level and our company has become an authorized financial advisor on "the Moscow Stock Exchange."
  3. We have been working in this field for a long time and have good ranking of the major players in the stock and investment markets in Europe, Asia, America and Russia.
  4. We have enough experience in the provision of financial consulting services projects involving large issuers.

Financial consulting in the world of investment and trade and market relations is one of our priorities. Complex solutions on attracting issuers identify the opportunities of the financial instruments in the securities market. In addition, financial consulting is necessary at the initial stages of analytics and decision making for future investment projects. Both modeling and determination of various parameters are important, as they optimize the process of attracting resources of investment character.

What does financial consulting give?

  1. Increasing emission transparency.
  2. Minimizing investment risks.
  3. Increasing solutions efficiency.

"Goodtime" company works on the result. We are interested in your earning profits, so our work in the field of finance, investment and brokerage activities as well as financial consulting is done with maximum care.

"Goodtime" company - consulting from the professionals!