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Debt Market


Bonds, like stocks, are the most common source of investment in the securities market. As the futures debt obligations, they allow their owner to return the original loan and receive interest for it at the end of the preceding period.

Today, the bond market is preferable for investors intending to receive a steady income along with low risk.

The best option is to create an investment portfolio that consists not only of the shares, but of debt obligations, which will help to reach the maximum acceptable ratio of risk and return.

The modern bond market offers to investors:

  • Possibility to choose the issuer according to his quality characteristics and the statistics rating.
  • Interest rate of 6-14%, providing a fixed income.
  • Bonds with a maturity date from 6 months to 15 years.

In order to earn maximum benefit of the operations with bonds, you need to contact the experts conducting the analysis of the bond market and providing support to the investor, directing his steps in the right direction.

Debt Market

"Goodtime" company provides:

  • Investor’s access of to the Russian bond market.
  • Advantages of using the infrastructure of company’s desks.
  • Professional assistance in the formation of the investment portfolio of institutional and private investors.
  • Providing low margins even with the absence of liquidity in trade blotters.
  • REPO transactions with the best bonds, issued by large issuers (1-tier bonds or "blue chips").
  • Results of the analysis of the stock market in general and the debt market in particular.
  • High-speed Quik software for trading.
  • Services of personal depository.

One of the most promising types of bonds is debt obligations issued in a foreign currency, which are called Eurobonds. Since Eurobond is extremely easy to handle, it allows avoiding taxation and is characterized by reliable issuers, efficient operations with bonds, which are much higher than the investments in currency or investing in bank deposits.

A highly efficient and rapidly developing market of Eurobonds is attractive by:

  • Ability to purchase securities issued by international issuers.
  • Ability to insurance risks.
  • Optimal risk/return ratio.

"Goodtime" company offers:

  • Ability to carry out operations with Russian Eurobonds of public and private sectors.
  • Conducting transactions of purchase/sale of international Eurobonds of public and private sectors.
  • Professional support in the formation of the optimal portfolio.
  • The benefits of voice trading.
  • REPO transactions with the best Eurobonds of Russian and international issuers.

Along with the bonds in the debt market bills of exchange also represent certain obligations for paying the loan within the strict time limits. When conducting transactions with bills of exchange, there is a possibility of calculating with the use of this debt instrument, whereas bonds exclude such an option.

Bill market is characterized by the following significant advantages:

  • Possibility of investing funds for the short term at a high yield.
  • Wide range of reliable borrowers.
  • Prompt borrowing for Issuers.
  • Calculation with the use of the bill of exchange;
  • Legally established methods of prompt money return (law of exchange).

Highly qualified specialists of "Goodtime" offer:

  • Service for the organization of exchange programs for different categories of borrowers.
  • Promotion of exchange programs.
  • Ergonomic online service desk for providing the clients with professional advice.
  • Time-efficient delivery of quotes.
  • Providing the results of analysis of the bill market.
  • Bilateral quotations.

Working with a professional investment company "Goodtime" will allow newcomers and professional investors to implement operations in the debt market with maximum benefit and with minimal timing.