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Custody services


In the securities market custody business occupies a special place. It involves the storage of security certificate within a specified period of time, its cost records and the possibility of transfer of ownership.

The undeniable advantage of custody services for the clients of brokerage firm is the integrity of the documents. In order to perform custody of securities with minimal risk, it is necessary to work with a responsible depository - an investment company with high reliability ratings.

Russian investment company "Goodtime" is engaged in the business of custody services and offers:

  • Storage of documentary and non-documentary (recording of custody accounts) securities.
  • Principal accounting for securities.
  • Providing customers with custodian accounting documents that reflect the account balance of securities and transactions with them.
  • Equal for all issuers procedure of assignment for securities, which involves the interaction of the owner only with the depositary, which operatively conducts the account entry on his own account or on correspondent depository account.
  • Collection of interest payments and dividends on shares and timely transfer to the current account.
  • Opening a nominee account in the Registry of Shareholders that belong to clients of the Depositary as well as its prosecution.
  • Informing customers about the meeting of shareholders (place and time).
  • Voting at shareholders' meetings on behalf of clients.
Custody services

Working with Investment Company "Goodtime" a customer can avoid: 

  • Difficulties with the process of transition of ownership and amendments to the registry.
  • Distribution of information on a major shareholding, which he owns.
  • Difficulties with the work with an issuer, including obtaining information about dividends and the enterprises, which became the property of the client.

If the client wishes to perform effective operations on exchange markets with any securities and the Registrar which maintains the correct registry is situated in another city, in this case the custody services are necessary. They simplify the work with important documents, ensuring its safety and timely transfer of ownership. "Good Time" Company is a responsible and reliable structure that guarantees high-quality services in accordance with international requirements.