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About "Goodtime" company

Goodtime" companyis a fully staff of qualified experts whose primary and main specialization is brokerage, analysis of stock market, stock exchanges and trading platforms, as well as advisory work in the spectrum of investment funds. On the basis of knowledge and experience, single-discipline education and constantly updated information on the index status on the trading platforms, our professionals can provide a full range of services to any investment market institutions, including traders and personal investors.

During the years of productive practice, we have created a company which became a maximum force in the securities markets, futures and debt markets, trading platforms and stock exchanges of the world, in the depository offices, stock and currency markets of the Russian Federation, Europe and USA.

We provide a full range of financial instruments for work on the global financial arena, as well as advisory services on the basis of monitoring of the current data in the financial sector of all traders’ activity.

Opportunities that "Goodtime" company offers to you:

Access to the global financial arenas:

  1. Turquoise,
  2. Chi-X,
  3. OMX Nordics,
  4. NYSE Euronext LIFFE,
  5. NYSE Euronext,
  6. "The Moscow Currency Exchange",
  7. "The London Stock Exchange"
  8. Financial instruments of the Paris Stock Exchange,
  9. Futures debt and depository markets.

Qualified services of financiers, consultants and analysts:

  1. Wide brokerage activity
  2. Assistance in securities investments
  3. Full consultation on business activities in the legal framework of Russia and other countries.
  4. Financial consultation.
  5. Trust management of currency, securities and investment portfolio.
  6. Services of traders and personal managers

Certified depository services Certified depository services

  1. Assistance with the custodian accounting documentation.
  2. The depositary of investment companies.
  3. Informing the participants.

"Good time" company makes optimizing investment movements the cornerstone of its interests, considering the benefits of our customers. We know that the stability of the financial operations of the participants under the cooperation with our company is nothing else but the prosperity of "Goodtime" company and all the participants of the trading community. Therefore it is profitable for us to invest time and effort in the work of our partners.

We pay particular attention to the safety of any operation relating to investments, regardless of the amount of the investment. This provides a full transparency of the company’s activity and the situation within the strict legal framework.

Reliability, security and high culture of cooperation is "Goodtime" company! To be oriented on financial results and to gain profit from any investment is a task that is performed on 100% if you cooperate with us.

Get the best of the life! "Goodtime", Moscow, 2014.