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  • Brokerage service
  • Custody services
  • Securities trust management
  • Brokerage service

    Money must work. We hear this truth quite often lately. But how to make the investments yield the most revenue? How to minimize the risk? How to choose a suitable long-play project?
  • Custody services

    In the securities market custody business occupies a special place. It involves the storage of security certificate within a specified period of time, its cost records and the possibility of transfer of ownership.
  • Securities trust management

    For a newcomer independent securities trust management carries a high risk, because transactions with them require deep knowledge of the internal mechanisms of the stock market and wide experience in conducting transactions.

«The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.»

Aristotle Onassis

Share market

ico-r-akcBeing the dominant part of the stock market, the modern share market allows increasing significantly the financial well-being of its members.
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Forward market

ico-sr-rDerivatives market, or as it is also called, the forward market of futures and options, is a type of the money market. It allows earning good money, minimizing the risks
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Debt Market

ico-d-rBonds, like stocks, are the most common source of investment in the securities market.
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Brokerage activity from "A" to "Z" with "Goodtime" company

Brokerage services

Carrying out brokerage activity on investment and stock markets, "Goodtime" company provides for the clients secure service of working with a variety of trading platforms and stock exchanges, including investments in securities, bonds and other financial institutions. Our business is governed by three basic principles that keep the world of finance in the necessary balance, despite the various economic and political factors. This is, first of all, the transparency of all financial transactions (brokerage) conducted by our company. Furthermore, it is the security of any transaction, regardless of the deposit turnover amount. And the third principle is advisory support, as well as the optimization of investments in order to earn the maximum benefit of our clients.

The activity of "Goodtime" company is aimed at providing a full range of services in the field of investment. We also see our mission in providing skilled assistance to investors, and to provide a complete package of financial instruments for work with the Russian and international stock markets.

Services provided to all participants of the securities market:

  • Brokerage services for individuals and legal entities. These services allow both qualified investors and professional traders to diversify the investment portfolio and to conduct any economic transaction at the Russian and international stock markets, using the whole arsenal of financial instruments, and our own knowledge, experience and ambitions.
  • Assistance at the market of shares and securities or advising on commercial activities of all the participants of the transaction. Our experts conduct periodic analysis of the stock market, in order to provide assistance in the development of the investment portfolio, advice and recommendations on trading at the stock exchanges at the highest level of professionalism. This also means a full access to the various stock exchanges (including foreign ones), and the service of a personal manager to every client of our company.
  • Entry into the futures and options market of financial products and a variety of basic assets (oil, precious banking metals, exchange rates, MICEX and RTS indexes). You can earn with our company more than the stock market, if you entrust brokerage activities to our experts.
  • Debt market. These services include operations with bonds, bills and Eurobonds. Our company is one of the strongest players in the bond market, representing both institutional and personal investors.
  • Full access to the currency market of "The Moscow Stock Exchange." We give the opportunity to work with this stock exchange in the format of delivery or rollover, ensuring the safety of financial operations and a complete set of instruments for monitoring and controlling investments.
  • Access to international financial markets with a full range of brokerage services in this direction. Our company being an agent and a principal is a member of the London Stock Exchange, Turquoise, Chi-X, OMX Nordics, NYSE Euronext LIFFE and NYSE Euronext trading platforms, and a member of production tools market in Paris.
  • Competent custody business in the stock markets in Russia and abroad. We have a license for the custody services, and our own depository allow our customers to store documents and maintain the accounts of the Central Bank, to use a simplified scheme of reissuance of any kind of property, open bank accounts and collect dividends, as well as use the services of broad informing of the depositors.
  • Trust management of securities, money and various investments in strictly prescribed format within the framework of market rules for financial transactions.

"Goodtime" company is an unprecedented leader of the stock markets of Russia and the World. Our work involves financial flows around the world in a total amount of more than 150 trillion dollars per year. We have all the necessary financial instruments, modern set of data and experience that will help you to connect to the cash flow and earn profit to the amount you want. The main thing is to set a goal.

Brokerage with "Goodtime" company is the right key to financial independence and progressive beneficiation.

We are the best, because we are trying to do a better job and work on the results!